Gothenburg – the story of my life (Part 1)

I could say that travel stories do not simply reflect personality. They are personality, or more accurately, they are important parts of the creation of personality, along with other parts, like internal and cultural traits, goals, and values. About me the place that played an important role for the creation of my personality was exactly Gothenburg. As a person who is used to living in the capital, where is dirty, noisy and crowded for me Gothenburg seems as a city of fairy tales. I call it the city of the parks. Gothenburg is not a very large city. Тhe streets are shining clean, the air is fresh, every street has a cycle lane and every street can take you to large, medium or very small park. On the other hand this city is the architectural genius of the human thought because each building is unique, beautiful and has its own character and charm. I spent two years in Gothenburg and I can say that you need at least one week to explore this amazing city.

Actually when you decide to explore Gothenburg you have to know that the best decision is to rent accommodation in the city center because in this way you don’t have to pay for a transport – everything in the center is within walking distance except the archipelago of Gothenburg where you have to use train and boat to get there.

Let’s start walking

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Let’s start our walk from Brunnsparken which is a square where all lines of buses and trains are crossing. This place is near to the Central Station, near to the river, and near to the biggest and oldest shopping center in Gothenburg – Nordstan. From here you have two choices – one of them is to continue straight on the main street and get to the promenade where you can walk or catch a ferry to go to the opposite shore. The other option is just to cross the bridge over the river and go straight to the central shopping street Avenyn where you can walk, do shopping, sit and drink strong Swedish coffee, or eat traditional Swedish dessert Kanelbulle (Cinnamon roll – that’s something you should not miss!).

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At the end of the shopping street you will reach to the square Götaplatsen where is situated the City Library, the Concert hall, the City theater, and the Gothenburg Museum of Art. In the middle of the square is situated fountain with the statue of Poseidon. He will meet you standing naked with a little shy glance watching downwards, and holding fish in one hand. In the past people felt that it was a little bit embarrassing that he was naked but in our days they don’t even think about it. The creation of the fountain is related to time when the city celebrated anniversary of 300 years old in 1923. The citizens decided that this central square needs some kind of art and it was built the bed of the fountain. The statue of Poseidon was put in later in 1931.

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If you continue your walk in the small alley between buildings of the City Theater and the Gothenburg Museum of Art you will reach to not so big but amazing beautiful park. On the one side you will find small lake which is so beautiful and variegated place during the summer because of the variety of colors of flowers, trees, and grass. If you go to the opposite way of the lake you will reach to two of the emblematic atractions in Gothenburg – Universeum and Liseberg. That’s the shortest way to get there. Universeum is a public science centre and museum and this is a good way for entertainment of young and old. You can learn a lot for the Cosmos, for the nature, and for the marine environment. Liseberg is an amusement park that opened in 1923. You really should visit this place in the winter before Christmas when this place is transforming into a spectacular winter wonderland.

Where is the best place to eat?

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My favorite place to eat is in Haga. Haga is city within a city. This area surprises the visitors with strange and unusual for the city building architecture. Among tourists this area is known as Old Town but actually it is not the oldest part of Gothenburg. Originally Haga was built with picturesque wooden houses in 19th century like a district of the city for the working class. In the past this area was had a rather bad reputation. A major renovation of the area was made in the 1980s, houses were either renovated or torn down and replaced by post-modernistic replicas. The restaurant which I would recommend is a small casual dining room with vegetarian food – ‘Solrosen’. The restaurant is placed in a parallel street to the main street of Haga. When you go to Sweden you have to know that Swedes are supporters to healthy food so they don’t like to eat a lot of meat. But it shouldn’t be big problem for the meat lovers because if you try once vegetarian lasagna in this restaurant you will love it forever.

The best view of Gothenburg

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When you finish your lunch you can continue your walk to Skansen Kronan. This is a tower that stands on a hill overlooking Haga and offers spectacular views to the whole city. The tower was built in the 17th century as part of the security plan against a possible Danish attack on Gothenburg from the south. Today the tower is a favorite place not only for tourists but also for locals who use the stairs leading up to it such as opportunity for running training.

When you finish with this sightseeing you can indulge in park tourism and you can visit the biggest park in Gothenburg – Slottsskogen. In it there is Zoo with free entrance where you can see a live elk and deer. Then you should visit the Botanical garden, which is located near the park.